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Category: Valuation

How to Increase the Value of Your Website

If you own an online business but have lost interest don’t waste the opportunity by letting it fall into disrepair. With a little effort, you can sell your website and turn a significant profit. Don’t let your inexperience deter you. The website trading market is full of first-time buyers and sellers. Getting started selling a website is easy if you’ve done your research. But before you can put your site on the market you have […]

Why Your Old Website May Be Worth Money

The internet is full of discarded blogs, the forgotten pet projects of regular people who created a website in a fit of creative energy. After all, anyone with an idea and an internet connection can start a website. It begins with a passion that grows into a small business. And it works for a while. But eventually, the glow fades, and what was once a fun project becomes a burden taking up your time. If […]

How to Determine a Website’s Valuation

To get into the business of website trading, you need to know how to determine a site’s value. Whether you want to place an offer or set a price for your site, you’ll need to know its worth. On average, a website sells for two to four times its annual profits. Where a site ranks of that scale depends on a number of factors. When you visit a broker, you’ll notice a common trend. Website […]