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Risks of Buying and Owning a Site (…and Why You May Want to Sell)

Owning a website is a risky business. Why? Because the market can shift at any moment. No matter your niche, the internet is full of a hundred other sites doing what you’re doing. You’re constantly being pulled in two directions. On the one hand, you have to build your brand and pull in new clients, but on the other, ensuring customer satisfaction has to be your number one priority. That means maintaining content quality, product […]

Getting Started Selling a Website

No matter what you’re doing, the hardest part is always getting started. Especially when it’s an arena in which you have no experience. But when you jump in head first, you risk getting scammed. That’s why putting in the groundwork is so important. As a website owner looking to sell your business, there are tools you can use to help ease the process and steps you should follow. And if you take your time doing […]

Getting Started Buying Websites

In this era of remote working, the lure of making money online is a strong one. Almost everyone considers the idea of starting a blog or building a website. But setting up a website is hard. You need to spend months building traffic before you ever see any profit. What if we told you there’s a way around that? And it’s so easy you could not just do it, but start making money today! The […]

What to Look for in a Website

If you’re a creative thinker looking to make money online, you have a lot of options. And if you’ve decided to get into the business of website trading, it means you’ve done your research. Getting started on buying a website is easy and only takes some basic know-how. It’s what comes next that determines whether you get a return on your investment. If you want to make profits, you need to know what to look […]

Why Website Investing is a Great Way to Become Your Own Boss

You’re sitting at your office desk, contemplating starting a business. You start by spending your breaks looking for ways to make money online. Eventually, you take the step to set up a website. Over time you make a few hundred extra bucks a month. But that isn’t enough to quit your day job. It’s one thing to start a side gig and another to quit your 9 to 5 to become your own boss. Let’s […]